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I don’t want to start any vicious rumors that I have “matured” or “grown as a person,” but the simple truth is I am beginning to feel like I might just have enough stuff. With the season of giving fast approaching, I’ve been thinking a lot about this—not just with regard to myself but for my friends and family as well.

All this struggle has led me to the following quandary: how do I give a gift that is heartfelt and meaningful but also not just another thing to inevitably end up on a dusty shelf or in the bottom of a closet?

And then, almost as if by providence, I was turned on to GeekDad’s latest sponsor, IfOnly.

IfOnly is a genuinely unique force in a world crowded with virtual storefronts; it’s a marketplace for experiential gifts. Purchasers search the site for opportunities in popular locales (like San Francisco, New York City, Los Angeles, the Napa and Sonoma Valleys, Boston, and Chicago), schedule an appropriate time, and then embark on an adventure tailored specifically to your (or your loved one’s) tastes. Best of all, each IfOnly provider also supports a charity, which helps to further spread that love around.

With all that said, I am proud to present GeekDad and IfOnly’s “Top 5 Geeky Experiential Gifts for the Holidays.” Check out my picks below, and I encourage you to peruse the site’s full selection of special holiday offerings to see what sparks your interest.

Top 5 Geeky Experiential Gifts for the Holidays

1. Create Your Own Beard or Shave Oil with Brothers Artisan Oil

ifonly-beardBoston, MA
$85/person, benefits First Book
1-10 people for 1 hour
I am what you might describe as a beard and skincare enthusiast. As such, first on the list is a chance to create your own all-natural beard or shave oil. Owen Shea, founder of cult-favorite Brothers Artisan Oil, will guide you every step of the way as you investigate essential oils and their respective benefits, find a combination that suits your needs and soothes your senses, and then make a one-of-a-kind product all your own.

2. Coffee Lovers Dream Introduction to Making Espresso and Brewing Drip Coffee

ifonly-cofeeSan Francisco, CA
$250/person, benefits American Red Cross
2 people for 4 hours
For the discriminating coffee drinker on your list, here’s a chance to learn how to make all your coffeehouse favorites–in the comfort of your own home! From brewing techniques to the perfect way to steam milk, it’s the hands-on way to master the delicate method of unlocking a bean’s true flavor.

3. Two-Hour Introduction to Drone Flying with a Top Bay Area Drone Pilot

ifonly-droneSan Rafael, CA
$300/person, benefits Tipping Point
1-2 people for 2 hours
Game of Drones co-founder Eli D’Elia or lead engineer Reiner von Weber will take you on a one-of-a-kind remote flight experience. From the mechanics of lift and sticking those tricky takeoffs and landings to how to control pitch, roll, and yaw, it’s the perfect gift for the drone enthusiast on your list regardless of experience level.

4. Hudson River Flight Training Experience

ifonly-flightFarmingdale, NY
$299/person, benefits Alex’s Lemonade Stand
1-2 people for 2 hours
If the flyer on your list is more interested in traditional aircraft, take her on a breathtaking trip over Manhattan. This two-hour aerial adventure promises to provide a view of the borough seldom seen outside of brief glimpses from television and movies.

5. Three-Day Archery Workshop in the Art of Bow Building by a Wilderness Survival Expert

ifonly-bowSanta Cruz, CA
$575/ person, benefits Tipping Point
1-6 people for 3 days
Get your Katniss Everdeen on in the beautiful mountains of Santa Cruz, where National Geographic’s Cliff Hodges will teach you how to turn a simple piece of wood into a perfectly deadly bow. It’s an outdoor excursion truly fit for an Oliver Queen!

This is a sponsored blog post for which GeekDad was compensated. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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