These DC Comics Dad Jokes Are Super, Man

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© DC Comics
© DC Comics

Ethan Van Sciver is an artist for DC Comics, and you can find his fantastic artwork currently gracing the pages of Green Lanterns: Rebirth. If you swing by his Twitter, though, you’ll find even more of his masterpieces in the underrated art form of… Dad Jokes.

Van Sciver is a master at these groan-worthy puns, although you might need some DC Comics knowledge to get some of the jokes completely–but that’s what makes these punchlines pack a superpowered punch.

What did Aquaman say to Mera when she left for work?
Nothing, they just waved.

Ya know what an apetheist is?
Someone who doesn’t believe in Grodd…
Credit: @WriterDanG

What was The Flash’s favorite class in high school?

What did Inertia study in order to kill Impulse?

What does Captain Cold do when his house gets a crack in it?
Igloos it back together.

Why doesn’t Wonder Woman play gin rummy with Priscilla Rich, Deborah Domaine, or Barbara Ann Minerva anymore?
Cuz they’re CHEETAHS!

What do you call it when Batman leaves church early?
Christian bail.

What did Aquaman say when he swam into a wall?

What does Mera wear under her clothes?
An algebra.

What does Shazam wear under his clothes?

I haven’t read a book with Starman villain Kyle Nimbus in ages.
He sure is Mist.

Bonus! Marvel Comics jokes:

What did Invisible Woman say to Reed after their argument?
“Do I make myself clear?!”

What does Moon Knight do when his hair grows too long?
Eclipse it.

My friend told me he’s going to put out a comic about the Scarlet Witch’s husband in four years: 2020 Vision.

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