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The Mission Belt Combines Fashion and Philanthropy

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No matter what sort of lifestyle you lead, eventually you’re going to need a belt. And if you’re a GeekDad, not just any old belt will do. You need something unique. Something bold. Something, well, a little geeky. Enter the Mission Belt.

Mission Belt Bronze
Bronze Mission Belt from the Heavy Metal Collection

The No-Holes Belt

Unlike other leather belts I’ve worn over the years, the Mission Belt doesn’t have any holes. Instead, it uses a quick-release ratcheting system (ratchets are cool) — which is sort of like strapping a leather zip-tie around your waist — to provide a very comfortable, consistent fit.

And because the belt adjusts every 1/4″ (as opposed to more traditional belts with holes every 1″), it always fits perfectly, even if you’ve just eaten a big meal. Simply pinch the quick-release button and ratchet it up or down as needed.

How the Mission Belt Works

Mission Belts are made from quality leather in a variety of mix-and-match colors and styles with two different widths, 35mm (selling for $34.95) and 40mm ($39.95). They also offer kid-sized belts with fun names like Kid Spidey for $26.99.

Mission Belt Vader
The Vader from the Solids Collection.

The Mission Behind the Belt

Mission Belt is not just a flashy name, however. There’s actually a philanthropic mission that’s built right into how the company operates. Every time they sell a belt, $1.00 is donated to help fight global hunger and poverty through peer-to-peer micro-lender Kiva.com.

To date, these donations from Mission Belt Co. have resulted in more than 6,200 micro-loans to enterprising individuals in developing countries all over the world.

Mission Belt Money
Money Mission Belt from the 3 Bar Collection.

Gift Sets for GeekDads

The Mission Belt Co. offers premium gift sets from the Fresh, Solids, 3 Bar, and Metals Collections, perfect for Father’s Day gifting. Each gift set holds three pre-selected belts packaged in a stylish matte black gift box, priced at $99.95 (for 35mm belts) and $114.95 (for  the 40mm variety).

Mission Belt Gift Sets
Solids Gift Set (left) and Metals Gift Set (right).

So if you’re in need of something new to hold up your pants, give the Mission Belt a try. Not only will you get a good looking belt, but you’ll also help a small business owner somewhere in the world build financial independence.

Note: The author received a Mission Belt for review purposes.

Images courtesy Mission Belt Co.

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  1. The belts are an improvement over regular belts, but we make a better version of this belt – Trakline. It uses a nice mechanism and much higher quality materials. If you like to see a sample to review, we’d love to send one to you. Best Shawn

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