As If Regular Bonsai Weren't Small Enough…

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Image: Naver Matome
Image: Naver Matome

For those of us who just don’t have the room for plants, let alone conventional bonsai, how about these miniature bonsai, in pots as tiny as your fingertip?

There are many more delightful photos of this kind of plant care at Rocket News 24, or you can peruse the original, if you can read Japanese.

These would be perfect for me, if I could first learn a bit about nurturing tiny trees. I love the idea of a miniature forest with tiny cottages and itty bitty garden gnomes (being eaten by Godzilla). I’m thinking I should take up bonsai now.

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2 thoughts on “As If Regular Bonsai Weren't Small Enough…

  1. Those mame sized tress are not to be taken lightly. They need very detailed care to keep them alive and well. If the trees were sentient, I’m sure I’d be tried in their courts as a mass-murderer for all the ones I’ve tried and failed.

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