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10 Things to Do This Super Bowl Sunday

We’re sure there are plenty of geeks who love football, especially the fans of the respective teams taking part. However, geeks are also smart enough to take advantage of the fact that while the rest of the country is watching … Read More


How to Make a Super Easy Zombie Cake

How to Make a Super Easy Zombie Cake

What’s better than birthday cake? Zombie birthday cake, obviously. I have few domestic talents, but this is a cake that even the most clueless chef can tackle with ease. Mistakes? No such thing. This zombie rises up out of a grave of chocolate cake, frosting, and crumbled cookies. What you need: foil cardboard box Oreo… Read More

Plague Town by Dana Fredsti

I am a big fan of zombies and have been since long before The Walking Dead drew in legions of new zombie fans. The same is true of author Dana Fredsti who has loved zombies ever since a guy chose a zombie movie for their first date. No really, I’m not making that up. She told me… Read More

The GeekMoms Podcast #19 PAX East and Plague Town Author Dana Fredsti

This week GeekMom Nicole Wakelin is joined by two special guests starting with Dana Fredsti, author of the new zombie novel Plague Town. They talk about her book, zombies, sword-fighting, and her time on the set of Army of Darkness. Later, Jessa Phillips of Good To Be A Geek chats with Nicole about PAX East. They both attended this epic… Read More

Prepare Kids For The Zombie Apocalypse With Zach Meets The Zombie

If you’re planning for the zombie apocalypse, and you should be, then you’ve probably been studying things like The Walking Dead,  Zombieland and World War Z. These are all excellent sources of information about zombies with lots of ideas for what you should and definitely should not do when the dead begin eating our brains. The question is, have you prepared… Read More

Five Rules For The Zombie Apocalypse

I’ve been watching The Walking Dead and the last few episodes have been filled with an incredible amount of stupidity. They’re all under stress with a world gone to pieces but that’s no excuse for acting like fools. This got me thinking that when the zombie apocalypse happens, we could be in a bit of… Read More

The GeekMoms Podcast #17 The Walking Dead

This week GeekMom Nicole Wakelin is joined by Kristin Rielly of Geek Girls Network  to talk about the biggest zombie show on television, The Walking Dead. Do they love it? Do they hate it? Has the show, um, jumped the zombie? Tune in and find out! Subscribe in iTunes, via RSS or direct download Nicole: Website and Twitter Music:… Read More