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Kickstarter Alert: ‘The Vampire, The Elf and The Cthulhu’

Kickstarter Alert: ‘The Vampire, The Elf and The Cthulhu’

A novel idea: Create the best fantasy-horror-Cthulhu novel ever, in this game of fiction and creative egos. Read More


Sookie Scores the Plot

Sookie Scores the Plot

There’s this little series on HBO called True Blood. You might have heard of it. You may have even heard it’s based on a series of books. But who has time to read when there’s great sex and gore on TV? Find. The. Time. Read More

10 Things to Read Instead of Twilight

10 Things to Read Instead of Twilight

I’m not saying we ban any books. I’m just saying there are some fantastic books and series out there that are entertaining, disturbing, thought-provoking, and just plain better written. Sometimes it’s harder to find a female protagonist in young adult fantasy, but it can be done. Here are ten great young adult books or series for starters. Read More

Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter

  Seth Grahame-Smith’s mashup of zombies and classics was a hoot in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Next, Grahame-Smith wrote Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Finally, it’s explained that when young Lincoln discovers his mother’s death was caused by a supernatural predator, he begins a lifelong vendetta against vampires and their slave-owning allies. The story is revealed through a… Read More

Review: The Wolf Gift by Anne Rice

Anne Rice is probably best know for The Vampire Chronicles series which drew legions of fans into the realm of vampires and demons and things that go bump in the night. Her vampires do not sparkle, nor pretend to be teenagers. They roam the earth killing where they see fit, sometimes the vilest of humans,… Read More

To See Underworld: Awakening Or Not?

The first Underworld movie came out way back in 2003 and I couldn’t wait to get to the theater and see it’s blood-soaked goodness. Just watching the previews, with the guns and the snazzy leather outfits and the angry vampire chick kicking butt, I knew it was a movie I had to see and it lived up… Read More

I Survived Twilight

My favorite creatures in the supernatural realm are vampires. It’s not a new thing, but an old thing that started way back when Interview with a Vampire hit theaters in 1994. I don’t know why that movie got my attention because, until that moment, I hated all manner of spooky creatures and things that go… Read More

The Twilight of the Muppets?

Apparently the folks marketing the upcoming movie The Muppets have decided they aren’t completely done with parodies, even if they’re not making the video kind at the moment. They’ve just released the “Muppet Saga” posters, which are ever-so-slightly reminiscent of … Read More

Review of The Whisper Jar by Carole Lanham

  This past Halloween weekend, I spent my nights engrossed in a book of short stories that was well-written, intriguing, and surprisingly, incredibly hard to put down. The Whisper Jar, by author Carole Lanham, speaks to the little kid in us grown-up GeekMoms that still like fairy tales, but with a deliciously wicked and weird… Read More

Breaking Dawn: Counting Down

Words escape me on this one. I came in late to the game but devoured the Twilight books in about two weeks. I can’t say that Stephenie Meyer is a great writer, but she can certainly write a compelling story. This trailer raises one big question for me: Where will part one end and part… Read More

Undead and Undermined by MaryJanice Davidson – The Ending Will Make You Come Back for More

I’m a big fan of MaryJanice Davidson’s Undead Series of books. These books follow the adventures of Betsy, once a laid-off secretary living in Minnesota, until she is run over by an Aztek on her 30th birthday. She wakes up a vampire and all sorts of wacky adventures ensue. So when Undead and Undermined, the… Read More

Angel: He’s Just Like Us!

If you’re a Buffy fan and pining for more – you’re in luck! Angel has been keeping himself quite busy since the demise of the show, and you can share in his adventures! Angel Does Stuff RELATED: This is Brilliant. ALSO RELATED: I can’t stop laughing at this blog.   Thanks to @lizlet for pointing me… Read More