The Twilight of the Muppets?

Geek Culture

Apparently the folks marketing the upcoming movie The Muppets have decided they aren’t completely done with parodies, even if they’re not making the video kind at the moment. They’ve just released the “Muppet Saga” posters, which are ever-so-slightly reminiscent of characters in a certain movie series, the fourth installment of which opens this Friday.

Kermit - VamphibianKermit - VamphibianBella Swine - PiggyBella Swine - PiggyWereRowlfWereRowlf

I have only three things to add:

1. The movies in question would be immeasurably improved if these posters actually represented their main characters.

2. Miss Piggy could act rings around Kristen Stewart.

3. I am very confident that Kermit would never sparkle.

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