To See Underworld: Awakening Or Not?

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Underworld: Awakening

The first Underworld movie came out way back in 2003 and I couldn’t wait to get to the theater and see it’s blood-soaked goodness. Just watching the previews, with the guns and the snazzy leather outfits and the angry vampire chick kicking butt, I knew it was a movie I had to see and it lived up to all of my expectations. They came out with a sequel, and although I wasn’t as excited I did go see that one, too. It was good, but not as good as the first. And then they came out with another one, and there they lost me.

I think it was something in the previews that just didn’t look right. I’m all for the war between vampires and werewolves and I’m all for sexy heroines wreaking havoc, but this looked a little goofy. It came to theaters and it passed me by and I heard no one telling me I’d missed out so that was the end. But now, now they’ve done yet another Underworld movie and this time the previews look pretty cool. Now what do I do?

After watching the trailer, there’s a part of me that wants to go see this one as much as the original. Tells you how important a trailer is that my decision is based on that alone. I have not had one friend nor heard a single random person say that they want to go see this, so I’m alone in my excitement. I didn’t even know it was coming out this month, on January 20th, until earlier today so it has definitely been flying low under the radar. Still, the preview looks so good.

First, Selene is back and she has a wicked looking leather trench coat and corset and she’s waving guns around and flipping off of walls like something out of a Cirque du Soleil performance. It’s an awesome thing to behold. Second, she starts off the whole movie angry with humans for locking her up for over a decade and right away she starts showing them who’s really in charge. And, of course, there are vampires and I love vampires (except the sparkly ones).

So, I find myself in a bit of a quandary about going to see this movie. I want to go, because it looks cool, despite being in 3D, but I don’t want to go because it means I’ll have to go find the third one first and I don’t think it’s going to be very good. No, I cannot just skip it altogether because that would be wrong. Unwritten laws of fandom state that all installments of a movie must be viewed in their correct order or you risk upsetting the space-time continuum.

I just watched the trailer again and, damn, I am going to have to see this movie. There’s just too much butt-kicking, acrobatic awesome. Now I just have to find that wretched looking third installment. Check out the trailer and let me know if it’s enough to bring you back to the theaters for a fourth round.

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6 thoughts on “To See Underworld: Awakening Or Not?

  1. Though I enjoyed the third movie (Rhona Mitra is awesome), it’s a prequel to the first one and not integral to Selene’s story. It just fleshes out one of the flashback scenes from the first film. You can go see Awakening without fear of having missed anything.

  2. My daughter and I are going to see it! She will be 14 on the 31st, and its what she wants for her birthday present. She has loved them all (And I did too!) the 3rd one is a bit cheesy, it is a prequel so watching them out of order isn’t the end of the world. It still has a kick ass chick, but she is not even close to a rival for Selene’s level of awesome.

  3. The third movie was a “prequel,” so I think you can be forgiven for skipping it. Besides, just because I love Olive Garden doesn’t mean I have to try every new “limited time” menu item they dream up. Same logic. 🙂

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