Grovemade handcrafted iPhone 6 case

Grovemade Maple and Leather iPhone Case: Handcrafted Awesomeness

I have another iPhone 6 case to write about his week, but this is one that I’m really excited about. I first heard about it just after the iPhone 6 launch, and I’ve been waiting ever since then for it to get past the prototyping stage. A few weeks ago, the Grovemade Maple and Leather iPhone Case finally arrived and man, was this one worth the wait. Clever design, handcrafted from 100 percent natural materials, flawlessly finished and a perfect fit. It’s not cheap, but this iPhone 6 case is worth the investment.

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Material 6 iPhone 6 Case in Curly Figured Cherry

GeekDad Review: Material6 iPhone 6 Case Upgrades Your Look Without Adding Bulk

Despite some initial misgivings about its thinness and a personal preference for the chunkier form factor of my old iPhone 4s, I’ve grown to love my iPhone 6. In fact that thin profile is part of the new iPhone’s charm. I’ve never been a bulky case guy, but I do like some protection from scratches. I’m a sucker for natural materials and I think wood, metal and glass look pretty nice when used together. All of which lands me in the target demographic for the iPhone 6 case from Material6.

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Father's Day Gadget Prize Pack

With Father’s Day right around the corner, I really got to thinking about about some of the gadgets that I, as a father, really like. Most of my favorite gadgets are not the same as what my father would like, considering his interests. So I combed through my gadget catalogue and found a few ‘universal’ items that most dads would enjoy.

Also, thanks to our partners – you will have a chance to win all of them!

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Mophie Juice Pack Pro Review

Between constantly checking my e-mail, sending out information via twitter, helping out with the Florida Garrison’s Facebook page and my son’s love of Angry Birds, my iPhone battery doesn’t last a full day. I loved the reviews on the Mophie Juice Pack Plus for the iPhone and I really wanted to try it out. My only issue with the case was the lack of protection the case gave the screen. As soon as I learned they had a rugged version in the making, I jumped at the chance to check it out.

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