Dad's on the Case! (Sponsored by Zazzle)

Hacking the Holidays


My fascination with device cases is the stuff of legend. Okay, so maybe I exaggerate a bit, but most longtime readers surely know I can’t resist dressing up my iPhone.

Zazzle offers quality sleeves and cases for phones and tablets that suit all your protection needs. From minimalist snap-ons to rugged allover protection, the sky’s the limit. Add to this intuitive, flexible design tools, and you’re assured a unique device case that your dad will adore.

Personally, I was in the market for a high-impact cover for my iPhone 5S, so I went with the Tough Xtreme – an impact resistant two-piece with port covers and a built-in screen protector. For the custom image, I pulled in my favorite shot of my kids posing in front of the Haunted Mansion at Walt Disney World. Clear guidelines make aligning your photo a breeze, but remember that high-resolution pictures with vibrant colors look best.

The finished piece arrived quickly, and it was just as handsome and sturdy as I’d hoped. Offering great quality in whatever style you choose, device cases from Zazzle set your dad’s phone apart from all the other Otterbox-covered iThings in the office. And if you order before June 30th using the promo code GEEKDADZ2014 you can score an extra 15% off cases, t-shirts, mugs and all other Zazzle goodies.

Review and promotional materials provided by: Zazzle

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