A Totally Different Kind of Carving on Halloween

Hacking the Holidays

Zombie Tree image from Canon

This weekend we’ll be doing a little carving, but not the pumpkin variety. We’ll be sharpening up the blades and turning them toward the pulpy flesh of a sheet of paper.

What follows is a sample of what awaits. not death, but life from our blades. Bwahahahaha. OK, I really need to work on that evil laugh. My kids just about die laughing every time I try that.

Canon and Creative Park have teamed up to bring us a great selection of papercraft goodies for Halloween. Skill levels vary from simple borders to complex scenes. My favorite is the Halloween Tree.

Macula has a great selection of papercraft, including this Frankenstein monster, complete with a working jaw.

Some of the spooker models I found were on RavensBlight. The human skull and face plate would be great for scaring the trick or treaters.

Braaaaains! Certainly the cutest collection of zombies that I’ve seen all year. The Zombieifie Six are mochrome so you can easily print them on an inexpensive laser printer.

A much simpler, and safe for the little ones, 3D table centerpiece from CraftIdeas. This one gives instructions on sewing the pieces together, but you could make do with some glue if you are creative enough.

Here’s an evil-looking pumpkin from World of Warcraft. Or should that be World of Papercraft?

Another evil Halloween pumpkin and a Hello Kitty mummy from the Paperkraft blog. Paperkraft is a great source of models and ideas. I recommend spending a little time browsing their site.

A scary, and somewhat organic looking mask called The Claw. This model uses a lot of curves though assembly doesn’t seem too difficult. I think I’ll be wearing this one as I escort the kids around this weekend.

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