A Very Merry Christmas From Our Geeky Families to Yours

Hacking the Holidays

Image by Ken Denmead.

I’d like to take this moment to wish all our readers the happiest of holidays from the team here at GeekDad. While I have the joy of being the chief GeekDad, I am not THE GeekDad. Everyone you see on the contributor list there on the right side of the screen plays a part in this wonderful thing we call a blog. None of us call GeekDad our full-time job, but I’d hazard most of us would love to. We have so much fun getting to bring all the great, geeky stuff we write about to all of you, whom we consider our peers. We are all geeky parents, making our ways through the adventure of raising our kids in our own geeky images, and we are grateful that you all are interested in hearing about it. So here’s hoping those of you who celebrate Christmas you get to enjoy at least two things this morning: the look of joy and wonder on your kids’ faces as they open their presents, and your own sense of anticipation knowing that you’re going to get to enjoy those toys and games with them.


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