Papercraft Wizards & Cardboard Warriors… Plus a Free Download Code

As I’ve continued to search for new and inexpensive papercraft methods to make minis and terrain, I’ve discovered a number of websites and comrades-in-arms who also enjoy papercraft with their gaming, and I’d like to share some of these resources with you below — many of these folks are geek parents, so I’ve also asked a few of them for a little background on their hobbies and their kids.

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Flying Machine

Kickstarter Project: Incredible Old-School Paper Automatons

If you’ve never tried your hand at building a paper automaton, let me point you to a great Kickstarter project with two amazing designs. I’m having trouble deciding which one to back. The designer is Geoff Rayner, and his company, Bag of Badgers, LTD, has put together a great little Kickstarter that is offering up parents two great projects for a family night or two. The best part is that the projects require no glue… and everything you need to build them is included in the boxes.

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