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5 Ways Wallet Smartphone Cases Have Changed My Life

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Sorry Michigan fans, it’s just the way I felt after November 21, 2015. But isn’t the Klix Klutch wallet case lovely? Image Credit: Patricia Vollmer

I am a firm believer in the wallet smartphone case. I had the chance to review the Klix Klutch wallet smartphone case by Empire, and the timing couldn’t have been better! It was past time to upgrade my existing iPhone 5S, and since I was now battling very-full storage, I decided to use this case review as an excuse to get an iPhone 6. I overcame my disdain of negotiating with the Verizon store for what “no change in your monthly bill” really means, and got my new phone. The Klix Klutch arrived two days later.

I first got a smartphone wallet case two years ago, thanks to a Groupon for the website Picture It on Canvas, and I was able to customize the wallet case with my favorite picture of my husband and sons. That case lasted me two years and my iPhone 5S was like new when I traded it in last weekend. Well done!

2016 04 13 Klix Klutch GeekMom Review - 04
The Klix Klutch is a perfect way to keep one or two ID cards and a credit card or two handy when you don’t want to carry something bigger. Image credit: Patricia Vollmer

Here’s my list of 5 ways the wallet smartphone case has changed my life, and the Klix Klutch will help me keep my life as simple as possible!

1.) It protects the front glass of my phone better than classic cases. I’m sure you were thinking, “I figured Patricia would address the convenience or beauty of these cases first.” Nope. The bottom line is that the wallet cases completely cover the phone when it’s not in use, and if I drop the case this way, the phone is COMPLETELY protected! The iPhone 5S, which was kept in a wallet case the entire time, was immaculate when I traded into my Verizon store after 2 1/2 years. The Klix Klutch case I now have similarly protects the phone with a magnetic clasp that will keep it closed.

2.) Wallet cases aren’t as bulky as you might think. For the two days before my Klix Klutch arrived, I borrowed my husband’s old Lifeproof Nuud case: the little door covering the power outlet didn’t seal properly so the warranty covered a new case for him. I briefly used the old case (I had no intention of getting my new iPhone wet). It was very complicated to install the Lifeproof case, and removing my phone from the case was even more difficult. The case added about 1/2 cm of length, width, and depth to my phone. The increased size, especially considering I just got rid of an iPhone 5, was not insignificant.

But the Klix Klutch wasn’t a significant increase in size. There’s obviously some increase since you’re probably accommodating some credit cards and/or money, but it wasn’t bad at all. The wallet still fit perfectly fine in my front and back pockets.

3.) Wallet cases come in an assortment of attractive and functional materials and designs. Perhaps you have some assumptions about wallet cases. That they’re only made of leather. Or pleather? The first wallet case I ever bought was a Michael Kors case to the tune of $75. It was pleather and didn’t last very long at all. What was I thinking? Nonetheless, there are many materials available from genuine leather, to faux suede, to fabrics. The Klix Klutch case I’m trying out is made of faux smooth-grain leather with a melamine-type plastic casing for the phone. Mine is solid on the outside and patterned on the inside. I prefer solid styles such as this so I look a little more professional in uniform. However, true rebels might enjoy some of the more wild patterns available, such as this faux snakeskin with a vintage floral interior. If you are interested in the Klix Klutch but prefer genuine leather, check out the company’s line of leather cases.

4.) They aren’t as expensive as you might think. Despite its durability and assortment of patterns and materials, you can find wallet cases for as little as $20. If you are looking for something more rugged or more stylish, perhaps something higher end will be needed, but for my own purposes, I’ve been happy with cases that run for less than $50.

5.) Wallet cases are incredibly convenient, eliminating the need to always carry a separate purse or wallet along with your smartphone. If I am running on a quick errand to the grocery store, I can grab my wallet phone case—which contains cash, 1-2 credit cards, and my driver’s license—with car keys and be on my way with a minimum of belongings. And in today’s era of Apple* and Android Pay, one can even carry less in their wallet case! My wallet cases have always been able to fit in a jacket or pants pocket, and the Klix Klutch I’m currently using has a removable strap so I can have both hands free if need be.

*I used Apple Pay for the first time earlier this week at my local Whole Foods market. That was so weird, but admittedly convenient!

Some other concerns wallet case naysayers might have involve using the camera and being able to talk on the telephone. The camera function has worked pretty well for me. However, using it for selfies might take a little getting used to. I was able to load my phone onto a selfie-stick without much problem. The Klix Klutch case doesn’t have a protective covering over the camera lens. The hole cut into the back side is large enough for the iPhone 6’s lens, microphone, and flash. With my previous wallet case, the backside was so deep there were oftentimes shadows in the corners of my non-zoomed photos. However, with the Klix Klutch, I’m not having such problems with shadows.

Look ma! No shadows in the corners! Enjoy this picture I took of the fog bank in the Monument Creek valley between my location and the Rampart Range (the wall of mountains in front of me.) Image credit, Patricia Vollmer
Look ma! No shadows in the corners! My Klix Klutch case ensures free use of my iPhone’s camera. Enjoy this picture I took of the fog bank in the Monument Creek valley between my location and the Rampart Range (the wall of mountains in front of me.) Image credit, Patricia Vollmer

For talking on the phone, you have to work with the case a little to have the sides flip behind the phone. You might even be able to clasp it with the magnetic catch. That took a little getting used to, but now I have no problem with it.

Is the Klix Klutch perfect? No. My chief complaint right now is that the case won’t close perfectly flat when I loaded it with three cards and some cash. Also, I am concerned with how thin the melamine plastic casing is; the part that immediately surrounds the phone. It is thinner than other wallet phones I’ve had. I do hope it stands up to my useage levels.

I wish I could get this case to close fully. I'm hoping that it will work itself out with time. This photo was taken about a day after I had put three credit cards and some cash in the case. Image credit: Patricia Vollmer
I wish I could get this case to close fully. I’m hoping that it will work itself out with time. This photo was taken about a day after I had put three credit cards and some cash in the case. Image credit: Patricia Vollmer

The Empire Klix Klutch comes in a variety of colors and designs, and is available for several popular smartphone models, such as Apple, Samsung, and LG. I picked one that I could gracefully use with my Air Force uniform. Mine is a faux-leather case, but if you prefer genuine leather, Klix has several options.

You can buy an Empire Klix Klutch smartphone wallet case through your favorite online retailer, or directly through the Empire Case website. Unlike many other case brands, Empire cases have a consistent price for each case regardless of which model phone it’s being used with. My particular model retails for $24.99. Mother’s Day is coming up, so think about if this is something your mother would love!

I received a complimentary sample of the Klix Klutch case for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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