NueVue iPhone 7 Plus case review

NueVue iPhone Cases: Stylish Protection, a Clean Screen + Vegan Options

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NueVue iPhone Case
Photo by Brad Moon

For the past few weeks, my wife and I have ditched the traditional snap-on cases for our iPhones in favor of slip cases from U.K.-based NueVue. These are high quality, hand-crafted cases that offer several key advantages over a traditional snap-on case. This includes an iPhone screen that’s fully protected when not in use and not just free of fingerprints, but also free from bacteria. NueVue also offers vegan options, for those who want the look of leather without the guilt.

iPhone 7 Plus Sleeve and Wallet Case

I switched to an iPhone 7 Plus last year, and while I opted for just the regular Black finish instead of Jet Black, I quickly discovered that when it’s not in a case the black aluminum is still a magnet for fingerprints. And the display? It gets smudgy fast.

The NueVue iPhone 7 Plus Sleeve and Wallet Case I was sent is made from black Napa leather with red stitching. It’s attractive, well made, and offers a nice degree of padding without feeling bulky. All the iPhone’s surfaces are covered, although the two ends are exposed (but protected from drops by a slight overhang).

NueVue iPhone 7 Plus case review
NueVue iPhone 7 Plus Sleeve and Wallet Case (Photo by Brad Moon)

The exposed ends are key to the slip case form factor. When needed, the iPhone easily slides out. The smaller exposed area at the bottom ensures the Lightning port is always accessible for charging or wired headphones, while also making the removal process easier and faster by letting you push up on the phone. A pocket sewn onto one side has space for a credit card or two, so I’m often able to get away without carrying a wallet. I get a lot of notifications on my iPhone, but I also wear an Apple Watch; the iPhone stays on the table while I check on my wrist.

Sliding the iPhone out gives both front and back a pass over the soft, anti-microbial lining. This cleans the iPhone and both the display and back have consistently come out completely free of smudges. That’s easier on the eyes and looks much better.

The leather cases also come with a 5-year warranty.

Faux Leather iPhone 6 Sleeve Case

My wife has an iPhone 6s. She typically uses a snap-on case, but the problem with this solution is the display is still exposed. And when the iPhone gets shoved in her purse, that means the display can still get scratched. She also carries a screen wipe everywhere because of smudges and fingerprints. And, while she likes the look of leather, she began ditching leather for vegan options a few years back.

The NueVue Faux Leather iPhone 6 Sleeve Case has proved be a very popular case with her. It offers full protection for her iPhone’s display, it’s vegan, and no more having to manually clean the screen to get rid of the smudges. She likes that bright orange, too (other color options are available).

NueVue case review
Key reasons to consider NueVue cases (Image copyright NueVue)

I like using my iPhone without its case—it’s always seemed like a shame to hide the design—but if this seems like living dangerously to you, then you’re better off with a snap-on case than a slip case.

Both of these slip cases include NuVue’s anti-microbial lining, which is claimed to eliminate up to 99.9 percent of bacteria on the device screen. I have no way to test that, but the iPhones look pristine when they come out of the NuVue cases… and with all the colds going around here these days, I’m happy with anything that might help. The lining also prevents static—that I can verify.

If the idea of having to slip your iPhone out of a case every time it pings just to read the notifications seems like too much work, NueVue also offers versions with a viewing window so you can see those notifications at a glance.

Interested in exploring NueVue cases? The company offers a huge range of cases—in a variety of materials, styles, and colors— for the iPhone 5 and newer, plus virtually all iPads. The iPhone 7 Plus Sleeve and Wallet Case is available for $58, while the Faux Leather iPhone 6 Sleeve Case goes for $39. NueVue cases are also available on Amazon.

Disclosure: NueVue provided cases for review purposes.

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