Tonal features digital weights to make a smart system of strength training.

Tonal is High-Tech Strength Training

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Tonal features digital weights to make a smart system of strength training.
Tonal features digital weights to make a smart system of strength training.
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The newest evolution of the home gym is amazingly innovative, featuring a digital weight system with interactive video workouts that are powered by machine learning. The Tonal gym has just launched to the public at or to demo at the San Francisco showroom (1824 Union Street).

There are two major pieces in the technology of the Tonal gym that make the magic. First is the large touch-screen controls the whole system and also includes personalized expert-led programs around the user’s schedule and goals and using data from previous workouts — whether you are just getting started or taking your fitness to the next level. Second is the incredible invention of digital weights that are powered by an electromagnetic resistance engine controlled by an algorithm and used instead of large metal plates and gravity. Thanks to Tonal’s digital weights the action of each exercise is smooth and precise in single pound increments.

Each user’s first time using Tonal sets their fitness goals through an on-screen assessment to measure baseline strength which is then used to personalize workouts, recommend programs, and automatically set an ideal weight for each exercise. Utilizing machine learning, Tonal automatically suggests programs and measures reps, sets, range of motion, time under tension, power, and volume, so progress and stats can be reviewed in real time.

The digital weight system allows Tonal to respond to the user at each repetition; if the user is struggling to complete a rep, sensors automatically take over and adjust the weight so the set can be completed – a function that is known to be beneficial to improved strength training. Another feature of the digital weight system allows a simple button-push of the smart handles turns the weight on and off so users can load weight only once ready for an exercise instead of struggling to get into position.

Few people take the time to find the right program for their goals, know how much weight to lift, or understand when to adjust that weight up or down. Tonal has revolutionized these and many other aspects of training, with full-body programs for legs, arms, shoulders, back, and core, incorporating strength, flexibility, and intervals. This is the first time I’ve been in a position to positively impact so many lives.
— Kelly Savage, Tonal’s Head of Curriculum

The Tonal system is priced at $2,995 plus the content & data subscription at $49 per month (unlimited users per household) and is also available with monthly financing payments as low as $175 for the equipment and subscription — competitively priced relative to elite gym memberships, legacy equipment and personal training sessions. Tonal is offering a white-glove service and custom in-home installation for a one-time fee of $250 to ensure a simple and seamless installation and setup experience.

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