Choices, Choices: 2 iPhone Cases, 2 Different Functions

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CM4 Q Card Case comes in a variety of colors

Before I had my iPhone 4S, I was naturally indifferent to cases. I figured when I brought my new baby home that I’d find one case I liked and just keep using that.

No, no.

Turns out while I don’t much like accessorizing my clothes or purses, I’m big on accessorizing my new tech toy. I’ve reviewed a number of iPod cases, mostly from PureGear, and found different elements to like about each. Right now, I’m switching back and forth between two cases that I received as review copies.

PureGear Smartphone Support System

The stylish PureGear Utilitarian Smartphone Support System has the advantage of a clip on the back and a portable stand that will hold stand the device up vertically or horizontally. It offers good overall protection that, I admit, it doesn’t come close to their Extreme Protection system. But it’s less bulky and easy to prop up to listen or watch movies hands free.

The CM4 Q Card Case (at the top) is something else entirely. It has a small pouch on the back to hold a limited amount of money, credit cards and a driver’s license. What I love most? With my license and debit card tucked inside, I don’t really need to carry a purse. I’d be carrying the iPhone anyway, so this eliminates the need for something else, especially when traveling. The drawback is that the case holds only 3-4 cards at a time and money must be folded to fit. And, of course, there’s no room for change. But especially on occasions when carrying one extra thing isn’t worth it, this is an extremely cool case. I’m going to use it whenever I fly from now on.

The CM4 Q Card Case and the PureGear case both retail for $39.99. So pick your preference.


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