Get Your Yo On

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Instructables is hosting a Yo-Yo video contest.

Simply post a 30-second video of your best tricks, along with a bit of advice on how to successfully pull them off, and you could win one of only 60 BSP yo-yos ever made, or a $100 gift certificate from or
along with some Instructables gear. The BSP won’t even be in stores until the end of February so unless you work for Anti-Yo this is your first chance to get your hands on this titanium beauty.

Check out all the entry information here.  I mean, it’s yo-yos, people!  We’re all geeks!  We all had yo-yos as kids!  Uncle Bill, are you out there?  You used to carry a yo-yo everywhere you went!  Some GeekDad somewhere has to win this! 

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