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Cry Baby
“Cry Baby” by Flickr user photosavvy. Creative Commons license.

It’s been a while since I’ve read up on advice about babies, but since we’re expecting any day now it’s been on my mind. I do remember the first time around that I did try to read things about how to get a baby to sleep, about all the various developmental stages I should pay attention to, and so on. And the hardest part, of course, is that there’s just so much to read.

Well, in case you’re also in new parent mode, Ava Neyer (mother of twins) can save you some time. She bought all the top books on Amazon about sleep and development, plus websites and blogs, and has boiled it all down into just eight hilarious paragraphs. (You may have seen this on Facebook or Reddit recently—the piece was originally posted to a Facebook baby page and then copied to this Tumblr by her friend.)

As Neyer demonstrates, the biggest problem with reading a bunch about taking care of your baby is that the more you read, the more conflicts you discover. And anyway, none of those sources will tell you the really important things, like when to introduce your kids to Star Wars.

Click here to read Neyer’s wonderful rant.

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