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For those of you in or around the Atlanta area (or stopping in for a visit), may I please direct your attention to Titan Games & Comics. It’s actually located in Smyrna, GA, a 30 minute drive from the airport (if you take 285 N and exit Cumberland Parkway), and three months ago the team there relocated to a new location. Titan Games & Comics has been around for 27 years, folks! So if you haven’t discovered them, here’s your invite!

Titan Game Wall

I’ve been absent from the gaming and comic world for a bit — my two boys are still young (age 6 and 3), but the oldest has taken to boardgames and superheroes and he paid his first visit to Titan about a month ago, so I’ve informed the crew at Titan that they’ll start to see more of me since he hasn’t stopped asking me to take him back. As a matter of fact, it’s Free Comic Book Day on May 4th, and I’m already planning on taking them both. Here’s a bit more info (from the website) on the event for the Smyrna location:

Titan Smyrna will be cooking hot dogs (vegetarians need not fear, as Katie has that covered!), giving away baked goods, and partying in the parking lot all day long! Everyone who walks in the door is welcome to take up to 3 free comics from the selection available. Those who wish to take more may return after 4PM to see what’s left. Back issues at Smyrna will be 55% off, trade paperback and hardcover collections will be 25% off, and toys & collectibles will be 15% off. Note: games will not be on sale.


Titan’s got a great selection of new and used comics, but it’s their game collection that’s really impressive. One entire wall is dedicated to games, and the front of the store (behind and near the counter) isn’t lacking in gaming material either. I saw new games mixed in with classic games, and everything in between. And for those who are looking to actually play some games, the rear of the store has a section (maybe 1/5 of the total floor space is my guess) just for gamers to meet up and play. As a matter of fact, they have a pretty tight schedule filled with Pathfinder, Magic the Gathering, D&D Encounters, X-Wing Miniatures, and other favorites, so be sure to visit the website here and take a look at their calendar running down the right side of the screen. (Oh, and make note that Free RPG Day is also just around the corner — June 15, 2013. Titan has a page for it, so keep checking back for more details as the date draws near.)

Gaming Area

Titan does have a fairly crowded schedule of gaming events, but I was told they do have some rotating events. That said, I’m putting out an invitation right now to Atlanta-area geek dads to touch base with me about forming up a GeekDad gaming group that could meet once or twice a month on a semi-schedule. We might be able to work out something with the folks at Titan depending on our numbers and availability. But first, let’s coordinate! Add a comment to this post if you’re interested, and I’ll get in touch with all responders via email shortly.


I’d like to thank the crew at Titan for allowing me to shoot some photos while they were busy organizing the new comic delivery. I should write one day about the very UNfriendly comic book shop owner I had to deal with growing up in Pensacola, FL, the complete opposite of what you’ll find at Titan Games & Comics.

Stop in and say hello… their new address is 2512 Cobb Parkway, Smyrna, GA 30080. (They also have a location in Duluth.)

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