Review – Suicide Squad #35: End of ‘The Wall?’

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Suicide Squad #35 variant cover
No, Harley does not save the day. Image via DC Comics

Suicide Squad #35 – Rob Williams, Writer; Eduardo Pansica, Penciller; Eber Ferreira, Inker; Adriano Lucas, Colorist


Ray – 6/10

Corrina: Not On Waller’s Side Here


Ray: There’s a lot going on in Suicide Squad #35, with crossovers, returns, and multiple high-intensity battles. That actually works to this series’ advantage, as this is probably the most intriguing issue written by Williams in a while. The problem is, we’ve still got precious few characters to care about, and the issue’s best moment is ruined on the cover before you even read the issue. It’s in the aftermath of the recovery of Rick Flag and the big mission in space, and Waller’s Squad is falling apart in the aftermath of the events of Metal. A new threat is introduced in the form of “The Wall”, a cybernetic super-soldier created by the government to replace the Squad (with a lot of obvious and topical references worked in), and Waller and Rick Flag have it out over their various failings and lies. These two as rivals works pretty well, so that might help the series overall. Croc and Enchantress are still out of commission due to the events of the last arc.

As for the rest of the Squad? They’re busy fighting a new face – Damage, the rampaging Hulk-monster whose new series debuted last month. It’s a bit odd we’re seeing that battle in an unannounced tie-in before the second issue arrives, but the issue does show off Damage’s strength effectively – he essentially tears the entire team apart, potentially killing new member Parasite and leaving Katana’s fate in danger. The issue is at its best when it deals with Waller herself, in a scene where the briefly makes contact with her former family, but the issue soon spirals out of control when Hack returns, now a digital being looking for revenge against Waller and Belle Reve for her murder. On one hand, I’m glad to see the character again, but making her a villain seems to be the most obvious and boring way to go about it. A mixed bag, but definitely an improvement for the series.

Suicide Squad #35 page 3
Can someone please tell me what exactly Rick is wearing?? image via DC Comics

Corrina: There is a ton going on here.

At first, I was annoyed because the story just walked away from the fight between the Squad and Damage but then I realized that this tale will probably be continued over in Damage #2, so I guess that’s okay. But if you haven’t read Damage #1, this is going to be a puzzling moment.

Meanwhile, Iron Patriot, er, War Machine, er, sorry, The Wall, is introduced with some obvious political commentary. I’m sure that experiment will go well. (Yes, I’m being sarcastic.)

But, mostly, this story seems to be about the Wall and her finally realizing where her actions have lead everyone, including herself. The narration would seem to indicate I’m supposed to feel bad for Waller but she passed any shot at redemption long ago. Even in this issue, she’s sending unqualified people out to die to save her program–except her program is really herself. I can’t muster any sympathy for anyone except for Hack, who has never been avenged, and whose killer has been allowed to waltz around for ages. I’m with Hack. Take it all down. Time to give the Suicide Squad a break for a while.

Except for the ghost immortal with snark, King Faraday. He can stay.

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