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Disney Infinity Toy Box Developer Interview

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Toy Box Mode
Toy Box Mode

After Disney Infinity’s recent roll out of more details about their Toy Box mode where players can create game mechanics, architecture and challenges (in child friendly LittleBigPlanet style), and fellow GeekDad Dan Donahoo’s enthusiasm for the project, I collared a couple of the developers on the project to get the inside track about how this mode came together.

James Rowe of Avalanche Software discussed how the Toy Box mode works alongside the main campaign. How different elements and tools are unlocked and purchased.

Manfred Neber of Avalanche Software then expanded upon how the Toy Box mode came together and expanded upon the mode that existed in the original Toy Story 3 game. As a lead designer on the Toy Box mode

Disney Interactive is wise to make much of this game creation mode as it is a big distinguishing factor from Skylanders Swap Force that will also be releasing towards the end of this year. Not only does this extend their online (four player) game-play but it also offers family a very creative way to play and interact with this long standing Disney brands. Disney Infinity will stand or fall on how easily family gamers are able to pick up these tools and make their own game modes.

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