Disney Infinity: Toy Box Trailer

Reading Time: 1 minute

Disney has released a trailer for their upcoming game Disney Infinity, and its toy box mode. I managed to see a little footage of this game at Toy Fair back in February. I couldn’t help but think it was a mashup of Garry’s Mod and Skylanders but with Disney characters. The trailer doesn’t do much to dispel that notion, but it still looks like fun.

Like many sandbox games before, players use tools and object to create their environment. In the case of Infinity, players will be given a small set of tools to start and then either buy more figures, or unlock features in-game to expand their world. Logic editors allow players to create games and experiences. The editor is complex enough to allow any type of game including action, capture the flag, or racing games.

I’ve seen some amazing games and worlds built on Garry’s Mod and expect similar things to come out of Infinity.

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