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Embrace the Nightmare of Go to Bed

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Halloween is just around the corner, so now is the perfect time to experience Go to Bed: Survive the Night, the debut title from indie studio Touchfight Games. Available now for iOS (and PC), Go to Bed is a gorgeously stylistic wave-based twitch gaming experience, with a simple but effective narrative and wonderfully evocative music — no surprise when you consider that chiptune artist and Game Journo Guides series author Nathan Meunier was one of the creative minds behind the endeavor.

Described as a “bedroom defense” title, Go to Bed features the very simplest of gameplay mechanics; protect the terrified child center-screen from the creeping tendrils of the servants of the King of Shadows, squash wandering spiders (that serve as in-game currency) and collect light orbs for more powerful attacks all by tapping your iPhone’s touchscreen. Along the way you’re treated to a delightfully quirky tale of nightmares come true, complete with themed unlockable power-ups like dreamcatchers and teddy bears and perfectly eerie narration and sound effects.

From now until Halloween, you can scoop up Go to Bed: Survive the Night from the Apple app store for a lean 99 cents. Or if you’d prefer to pick up its PC big brother, it’s available for $4.99 via GumRoad and comes bundled with a downloadable soundtrack album. Either way you go, it’s an ideal title for the season.

Review materials provided by: Touchfight Games

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