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Thoughts on Southern Fried Gameroom Expo 2016

For the previous two years, the Southern Fried Gameroom Expo has been an outstanding two days of classic pinball and arcade games side-by-side with modern versions of the same style games. This year, however, SFGE also introduced tabletop games to the mix, offering up 14,000 square feet of gaming tables and inviting companies such as Asmodee and Renegade Game Studios to demo their games.

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Atlanta Maker Faire Arrives, Is Awesome!

Back in 2010, I attended the first Atlanta Mini Maker Faire held on Georgia Tech’s campus. That day, there were less than 50 exhibitors, the September weather was unbelievably hot, and there were no vendors for food and water… the sole provider of anything that day was King of Pops, an Atlanta-based popsicle vendor, that proceeded to sell out in record time. Still, it was a start…

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Atlanta Mini Maker Faire

The Atlanta Mini Maker Faire 2013 Wrap-Up

The worst thing about the Atlanta Mini Maker Faire… is that it only happens once a year. The event was held at Georgia Tech on the Tech Green, a football field-sized area right in the heart of the campus. Booths were setup around the perimeter, with the big green grassy area open for kids to run and catch frisbees being flung from a robot and launch their handmade paper rockets. There were 3D printers galore, robots, artists, homeschooler groups, hackerspaces, inventors, hobbyists, and much more.

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Titan Games & Comics

Titan Games & Comics — Atlanta, Georgia

For those of you in or around the Atlanta area (or stopping in for a visit), may I please direct your attention to Titan Games & Comics. It’s actually located in Smyrna, GA, a 30 minute drive from the airport (if you take 285 N and exit Cumberland Parkway), and three months ago the team there relocated to a new location. Titan Games & Comics has been around for 27 years, folks! So if you haven’t discovered them, here’s your invite!

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