Krown's Slim Aluminum Case for iPhone 6 is minimalist protection that looks good

GeekDad Review: Krown Slim Aluminum Case for iPhone 6

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Krown's Slim Aluminum Case for iPhone 6 is minimalist protection that looks good
Krown Slim Aluminum Case for iPhone 6 (in Red). Photo by Brad Moon

On launch day, iPhone 6 cases were a little tough to find, especially third party ones. That happens every two years when Apple changes the form factor of its smartphones and everyone has to start from scratch. Six months after release, things are hopping now, though. The latest case I received for review is one that should appeal to owners who love the look of the thin, aluminum body iPhone 6. The Krown Slim Aluminum case is a minimalist number that adds little in the way of bulk and offers a brushed aluminum exterior–even those of you who waited for the gold iPhone don’t have to give up that lustrous look in the name of protection.

According to my kitchen scale, the Krown Slim Aluminum case weighs less than one ounce. The thin, brushed aluminum outer shell (available in a variety of colors) is lined with soft rubber to prevent scratching and add some impact resistance. The case wraps around the corners to provide bump protection, but both ends are open. There are cutouts for buttons and the camera (the case is thick enough that the camera lens does not protrude) and everything is easily accessible. The soft black rubber material that lines the case is found on the outer sides as well, providing additional grip–useful with a phone whose rounded metal edges can be slippery.

The Krown case fits like an aluminum second skin
The Krown case leaves speakers and ports completely unobstructed and adds little bulk. Photo by Brad Moon.

A slightly raised lip provides scratch protection if you set the iPhone down display-first.

It’s not going to stop a bullet or save your iPhone if you run over it with a car, but, for a minimalist case, it seems up to the task of providing basic bump and scratch protection. And it looks pretty good doing it…

Although the camera cutout is exposed, milled aluminum, there was no effect on the iPhone’s flash and no flare in flash photos. I also tested Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Cellular performance and verified that the Krown case had no measurable impact on signal strength or performance.

I did find this case took a little more effort than most to pop the iPhone in and out–although not enough that I was worried about damaging the device. It just has a little less flex than the average plastic case. I could also do without the prominent logo, but that’s hardly a showstopper.

If you’re in search of minimalist, lightweight protection for your iPhone 6 and you’d like to stick with Apple’s metallic look, the Krown Slim Aluminum case is worth considering. At $24.95 with free shipping, it’s a bargain, too.

Disclosure: Krown provided a Slim Aluminum case for this review.

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