Dog & Bone Wetsuit Impact

Dog & Bone Wetsuit Impact Case: Make Your iPhone Pretty Much Everything-Proof

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Dog & Bone Wetsuit Impact
Leave your iPhone out in the rain with Dog & Bone Wetsuit Impact (Photo by Brad Moon)

Now that the snow has almost all melted, I’m gearing up for outdoor activity season. The timing was pretty good, because Dog & Bone just sent me one of their Wetsuit Impact cases to try out with my iPhone 6. Waterproof, shock proof, dirt proof, and snow proof, it should protect my phone from pretty much anything mother nature can throw at it. And my clumsiness, too…

Dog & Bone Wetsuit Impact is waterproof
I dutifully submerged the case in water for 15 minutes with no leaks (Photo by Brad Moon)

Proof it’s Waterproof

Out of all the outdoor hazards, waterproof is the big one for me. You never know when you might get hit with torrential rain, or slip and fall into a creek on a hike. I have also dropped an iPhone four feet and a bounce into a full cup of coffee (awesome shot), but that’s another story. The point is, waterproof is a big deal.

And I’m not in the market for a Galaxy S7, so save those comments…

The Dog & Bone case actually arrives with a big “STOP” sign inside the box, practically demanding you assemble the case, submerge it in water and put a coffee cup on top to prevent floating–before slapping it on your iPhone–ensuring there is indeed a waterproof seal. I did so, and there was.

Clad in the Dog & Bone case, my iPhone has subsequently stood up to exposure to rain and, sadly, some late season snow flurries.

Short on Bulk

Despite the waterproof rating and impact protection to 6.6 feet, the Dog & Bone Wetsuit Impact Case is not bulky at all. I’ve had other maximum protection cases and they can turn a phone into a small piece of luggage. This one adds a bit of thickness (the iPhone 6/6s becomes 0.46-inches thick) and according to my kitchen scale, the combined weight of the case and my phone hits 6.3 ounces, but this is a small price to pay for the peace of mind.

The case is grippy and easy to hold onto.

There is also very little in the way of functionality compromise. The display looks sharp and clear with just a slight hint of granularity introduced by the protective cover, and it responds just as well to touch gestures. The specs say the display cover is 9H Flexible Glass–it feels more like plastic to me, but whatever it is, it works well. There’s a very thin membrane over the Home button, and it keeps Touch ID functional despite being enclosed. The Lightning port and headphone jack are covered by removable plugs and the buttons all have covers as well. They require a little more pressure to operate, but the only one I had any trouble with was the Ring/Silent switch. It could be a little finicky. The camera lens and flash are protected by anti-reflective optical glass and I found no noticeable difference in photo quality with the case on.

Dog & Bone case in white
Dog & Bone Wetsuit Impact also comes in silver and orange (Image copyright Dog & Bone)

My review unit was black, but this case is also offered in silver and orange.

If you want all-encompassing protection for your iPhone–short of surviving being run over by a car–the Dog & Bone Wetsuit Impact offers water and drop protection in a case that’s still slim, pocketable, and reasonably stylish. This would make a good choice for a kid who’s tough on smartphones as well.

The Wetsuit Impact Case is available for $79.95 through Dog & Bone’s website, and the black version I tested is currently on Amazon for $48.

Disclosure: Dog & Bone supplied a case for review purposes.

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