iPhone 7 PLus case

Four iPhone 7 Plus Cases Reviewed

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iPhone 7 PLus case
A selection of iPhone 7 Plus cases (photo by Brad Moon)

When Apple released the iPhone 7 Plus, I upgraded. I was happy with the performance of my iPhone 6, but the dual camera on the 7 Plus won me over (you can read my take on that here). A new iPhone means new cases, and I’ve been test-driving four of them recently.

UAG Monarch

This case has a tactical vibe to it—it looks something like the case Batman would carry his iPhone in, especially the Graphite version I have (it’s also available in Platinum).

The UAG Monarch features five layers of protection, including top grain leather, metal alloy, and grippy rubber. It exceeds Military drop certifications and is backed by a 10-year limited warranty. Your iPhone should be pretty safe in it.

UAG Monarch for iPhone 7 Plus
UAG Monarch (Image copyright UAG)

The UAG Monarch currently goes for $55.95 on Amazon.

Dog & Bone Wetsuit

The Dog & Bone Wetsuit for the iPhone 6 was a key part of my tech camping gear roundup this summer, but why would you need a waterproof case for the iPhone 7 Plus?

The answer is that Apple’s IP67 certification only covers you for three feet of depth for half an hour. With the Dog & Bone Wetsuit, you get a boost to IP68 protection, which means 6.6-feet of water for an hour.

In other words, rather than being simply waterproof from the point of view of using it in the rain and being able to survive a quick dunk in the sink, with the Wetsuit you can use the iPhone to shoot photos underwater in a pool. And it does so without obstructing the screen with a film.

Dog & Bone Wetsuit case for iPhone 7 Plus
Dog & Bone Wetsuit case sdds IP68 protection (Image copyright Dog & Bone)

It also adds Military-grade drop protection from 6.6 feet.

The Dog & Bone Wetsuit case is currently priced at $94.95 on Amazon.

Nomad Leather Case

Basic impact protection wrapped in high-quality Horween leather (from Chicago). This is a nice looking case that only gets better and more unique-looking as it develops a patina and acquires a few scuffs with use. Available in brown or gray.

Nomad Leather case for iPhone 7 Plus
Nomad Leather case (Image copyright Nomad)

The Nomad Leather case is offered by marketplace sellers on Amazon, but your best bet is buying it direct. At $39.95 from Nomad, it’s much cheaper and a steal considering the high-quality leather used.

Distil Union Wally case for iPhone 7 Plus
Distil Union Wally case (Image copyright Distil Union)

Distil Union Wally Case

This is a basic shock-absorbent case with a twist. The back is covered with leather and incorporates a pocket with a Pull Tab that lets you stash and easily access up to three credit cards.

So no wallet required, just bring your iPhone. I found the gray on gray a little dull, but the brown leather on gray frame looks pretty cool and there are also black and red leather options.

The Wally Case is $49.99 on Amazon.

Which One Sees the Most Use?

I haven’t really had any occasion to use the Wetsuit (sadly there are few underwater photography opportunities in Canada in December). The Nomad version I have is an early production unit that fits a little too tightly for my liking. That’s a pill when frequently removing the iPhone for testing scenarios, as I do. However, I haven’t heard of any issues with retail versions and my experience with Nomad gear has always been excellent, so I suspect mine is a probably a one-off. The Wally Case is useful when I’m going shopping, but I find the Pull-Tab a little annoying during everyday use.

That leaves the UAG Monarch Case. This is the one my iPhone is in 75 percent of the time. It’s grippy, offers decent drop protection (without being bulky), keeps all the ports clear, and I like the look. It’s also easy to pop on and off.

Disclosure: UAG, Dog & Bone, Nomad, and Distil Union supplied cases for review purposes.

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1 thought on “Four iPhone 7 Plus Cases Reviewed

  1. Hi Brad. I enjoyed the iPhone 7 Plus case review. My company NueVue manufactures a some ranges that are unique.

    1. Beautifully handcraft in leather sleeve design because some users like using their phone in their Apple elegant natural state and pop them in the case for protection when not using them.
    2. Our unique blend of microfiber , with each fibre bring less than 1/100 diameter cleans away ugly greasy fingermarks- especially nice on the Jetblack 7 plus – and greasy screen cause glare and eye strain.
    3. Our lining also embodies an antimicrobial additive that works at full strength forever and destroys 99.9% of harmful bacteria. The same technology top hospitals use to keep us safe and healthy. Helps avoid sore throats, tummy upsets and eye and ear infections to as well as jawline spots and blemishes.

    Drop me a line if you’d like a sample or to consider a review and let me know which case you fancy after looking at our website.

    As an aside we do a range that is the only range that is approved by PETA for vegans and Vegetarian Society approved. Some of the Apple Store guys have recently told my that they get asked quite a lot about Vean/Vegetarian cases and their training guys have told them that their leather cases are Vegan/Vegetarian leather but they’re not – they just use a vegetable tanning process for their leather.

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