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BelineI have a confession to make: I am clumsy. I have dropped an iPad, a laptop, a child, multiple drinks, and, of course, my phone–all in the last month. I have lost 2 phones to water disasters; one fell in a gutter full of rainwater and one fell in a toilet. I am so paranoid now that when I go camping, I put my iPhone in a Ziploc bag inside a closed cargo pocket. I was recently contacted by a new company that produces Beeline phone cases and received one of the first ones off the assembly line.

Some of the standard colors available. Others including special camo patterns are also available at their website.

The Beeline Case is designed for rugged use and includes a retractable leash to keep the phone tethered to the user. The case itself is very rugged. It is a rubber gasket that goes on the phone first, then a hard shell that encases the entire product–very similar to what you would find on an Otterbox or other impact protective cases. One major difference in this case versus the other mentioned cases is that the lip of the case rests even with the front of the device. I am sure they did this in order to keep the thickness of the case down. The retractable carabiner already adds about 35 percent more thickness; if they were to recess the phone screen, then the case would about double the original size. With the screen exposed, one would certainly need to purchase an extra screen protective layer.

beline stinger

The real novelty of the Beeline case is the retractable carabiner or “Stinger” as they call it. The Stinger pulls out simply and locks into place. I put this on a belt loop and put my phone in my pocket. No more worries about it falling onto the ground and being lost in the leaves. It also keeps it handy for snapping photos. When not in use, a quick push of the bee’s head button and the entire cord and carabiner retracts into the case. In my many stress tests, the line has held up through several hundred retractions and still looks as good as the day I received it. Overall, the Beeline Case will not protect against water damage, but it will keep your phone from reaching the water, which is just as good if not better.

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