Papercraft Wizards & Cardboard Warriors… Plus a Free Download Code

As I’ve continued to search for new and inexpensive papercraft methods to make minis and terrain, I’ve discovered a number of websites and comrades-in-arms who also enjoy papercraft with their gaming, and I’d like to share some of these resources with you below — many of these folks are geek parents, so I’ve also asked a few of them for a little background on their hobbies and their kids.

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Custom sarcophagus

Dungeon Casting Part 2: Creating Custom Molds

In my prior post, Dungeon Casting Part 1: Creating Dungeons With Hirst Arts Molds, I showed you how to create the crypt from ‘Pathfinder’s Crypt of the Everflame’ game module. The key feature of the crypt is Kessen’s sarcophagus. This sarcophagus lid is cast from a custom mold that was surprisingly simple to create. In this post, I will show you how to create your own molds that can be used to cast your own pieces similar, or identical, to Hirst Arts stones. One reason you may want to do this is to create a custom piece otherwise not available, such as this sarcophagus lid.

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Another Alternative to Inexpensive Minis for Gaming

Yesterday, Ryan Hiller provided some great tips on finding inexpensive mini figurines for gaming that included offerings on Kickstarter and eBay. There’s no doubt that miniatures are useful to our favorite games, especially RPGs, and it’s nice to know there are options out there for those on a limited budget. While I’m all for saving money, I also would like to toss out two more factors for consideration when investing in minis — storage and durability.

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