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Get Your Very Own Demogorgon, as Seen on ‘Stranger Things’

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Demogorgon Miniature

(Warning, mild spoilers concerning the first three minutes of ‘Stranger Things’ episode 1)

In the first few minutes of Stranger Things, our middle-school gang is playing an intense game of Dungeons & Dragons and their hapless party comes face-to-face with the Demogorgon, Prince of Demons. I won’t debate here how futile a fireball would be against this beast with stats such as 200 hit points and 95% magic resistance, but suffice it to say, the party is in dire straits.

The Demogorgon, Prince of Demons, as depicted in the ‘Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual.’ Photo by Ryan Hiller of the ‘Monster Manual.’

If you too want to TPK your players with the Prince of Demons, there are a few Demogorgon figures available, such as this impressive 200mm figure from Gale Force Nine, or the Demonic Lasher from Reaper. However,  if you want to truly relive the events from Stranger Things (and who doesn’t), then you need the vintage figure from the show. Due to the Demogorgon’s depiction on Stranger Things, Mirliton, the company that now owns the mold, has started casting it again and it can be yours for just 10 euros.

Demogorgon Miniature by Mirliton
This is the same Demogorgon figure as used in ‘Stranger Things.’ Screen capture from Mirliton web site.

John Dennett is the original creator of this miniature sculpted in 1984, one year after the events depicting it in Stranger Things, and he says on his Facebook page, “Yes, I created it! Designed and sculpted it 32 years ago! And yes, I’ll be sculpting a new one. What, you thought I wouldn’t be? Updates shortly!” Check out some of his other work at his site Moondevil Studio.

Demogorgon Pin
Demogorgon pin created by Bottleneck Art Gallery. Image from Bottleneck Art Gallery web site.

While looking into this, I also discovered that because of the new-found notoriety of the Demogorgon figure, Bottle Neck Gallery teamed up with John Dennett to create a 3D enamel pin of the Demogorgon. Quite a lot of action for a miniature created 32 years ago because it was on a show for a few seconds!

I guess I’ve seen stranger things.

Speaking of which, I just binge-watched the Netflix original series Stranger Things and can’t recommend it enough. As someone who was close to the age of these kids in 1983, and doing many of the same things, Stranger Things was rife with pop-culture references from the time and served as a nostalgic trip through my childhood. Regardless of if this describes you as well, the series was eight well-written episodes of tense action that are sure to entertain. Definite viewer discretion is advised here, due to language, mild sexuality, and suspenseful children-in-peril storylines. Common Sense Media puts it at a 14+ age range. Want to know more? Check out GeekDad’s review of Stranger Things.

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5 thoughts on “Get Your Very Own Demogorgon, as Seen on ‘Stranger Things’

  1. The miniature from the show, sold on Mirlion’s website is not only 10 euros… To most countries it costs twice as much in shipping. Shipping to the United States isn’t an option on their website.

  2. It looks like shipping IS available to the states. I see 14.25 Euros to ship it to me in the united states (AND I need to order two to hit the 20 Euro minimum… I admit I did hit the last button for final purchase, but it looks like it is available to ship to me.)

    But 25 Euros (well 35 given I have to buy more) looks better than some of the other options right now!

  3. In the show they show a creature that opens up its face to eat you. They called it a Demogorgon. What was it? That creature is also the one that comes in the Stranger Things D&D box set, not the original miniature they showed them playing with in the game. Definitely li the creature they fought in “reality” much better. Too bad that mini isn’t available outside of the box set.

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