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If you’re into making gaming terrain or painting miniatures and you’re not checking in occasionally (or hourly) with DM Scotty’s Facebook group page, you’re really missing out on some amazing work by members of that group as well as tons of inspiration for your own games. (I also enjoyed following along as Anthony Karcz painted his Star Wars Imperial Assault minis.)

I’ve never been big on painting miniatures, but watching some of the novices on this page move from newbie to pro got me inspired to try my hand at painting. I still prefer to make my own paper minis or use the flat plastic miniatures from Arcknight, but I can totally see times where having painted 3D miniatures to place on the table would be nice. For this reason, I purchased a small starter kit of paints and have begun experimenting with a few miniatures I already own. I’m getting better… but there’s a LOT of room for improvement. I’m also discovering that diving into the world of painting minis has a tendency to increase the disorganization of one’s workspace. Five of these little paint bottles is no problem, but 10…. 20… 30… more?

A month or so back, I stumbled upon a post from John Suski on DM Scotty’s Facebook group page–John created some custom bottle holders for his desk, complete with color samples and labels. Sure, you could probably buy something similar… but I’m a BIG fan of make-it-yourself projects and John’s final results are impressive, as you can see below.

suski1   suski2 suski3   suski4

I reached out to John and asked if he might be willing to write up the process he used for creating his paint organizers… he amazed me by providing a PDF complete with photos and explanations for how he made them. You can download the Suski Paint Organizer Instructions PDF here (it’s a 39MB file). You can also view the video tutorial below:

Be sure to check out John’s YouTube channel at; he’s got some good videos in addition to the one above. John also has his own Facebook group. I’d like to give a huge THANK YOU to John for taking the time to create the instructions document, and be sure to check out his bio… yeah, locomotive engineer. Woot!

John Suski lives in Scotia, NY, where he works for CSX Transportation as a locomotive engineer. He divides his off time between his family and creating content for his YouTube channel Dungeons and Gluesticks, a Facebook page under the same name, commission work, and trying to get lots of sleep.

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