Christmas cards in progress

Real Mail Magic

The act of writing their names on paper—guiding a pen into the shapes of their full names, not Twitter handles, and then an address that sets them in a place, a real street somewhere in the world—feels so refreshingly tactile. To be able to hold something in your hand and send it off, knowing soon they’ll be holding the very same thing. Someone you’re only aware of through pixels on a screen, holding the same paper you once held!

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Book Review: P.S. I Still Hate It Here: More Kids’ Letters From Camp

Diane Falanga has gathered some of the funniest letters from camp that you will ever read. This is actually her second book of camp letters and was compiled from thousands of submissions. It’s not just a re-written compilation of the letters, either. The pages of this book are full of copies of the actual letters kids wrote, complete with grammar errors that would make an English teacher cringe and an abundance of hearts and sloppy kid handwriting.

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