GeekDad Puzzle of the Week – 4 of 6

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Six letter words are funny — only about half of them don’t repeat any letters, just under two-thirds of them include the letter “e,” and fewer than one in forty include the letter “z.” Ok, so maybe these facts are more “funny/strange” than “funny/ha-ha,” but phrases made out of six-letter words that share letters (and don’t repeat any!) are the basis of this week’s GeekDad Puzzle of the Week.

Below are eight phrases that can be re-stated as four-word phrases, with each word having just six letters. Moreover, each six-letter word does not repeat any letters, and all words within a given phrase share four of their six letters — hence the puzzle title “Four of Six.”

For example, the phrase “Cat’s eye valupack talks about strata” can be rephrased as “marble mailer relays layers” — no word duplicates a letter, and each word contains the letters a, e, l, and r. Here are the eight target phrases:

1. “Behold the aquatic scoundrel’s pull-up.”

2. “Only slightly wobbly flora acknowledge officers.”

3. “Most certainly the deckhand gains knowledge of the outcome.”

4. “The wall-to-wall shag singer keeps an eye on shipping boxes.”

5. “The most lazy liquids get rid of morals.”

6. “The mobile manservant of trash-based glazed flooring pros.”

7. “The priest’s identified pumpernickel gave thanks.”

8. “The hot dromedaries of the most feeble World-of-Warcrafters.”

For your chance at a $50 ThinkGeek Gift Certificate, correctly re-state each of the eight phrases below, and list their common quartet of characters. Send your solution to GeekDad Central for entry into the weekly drawing. Good luck!

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