GeekDad Puzzle of the Week Solution — Random Word Search

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This past week’s puzzle, as previously posted:

This week’s puzzle is really straightforward: how many distinct “word-tile game” dictionary words can you find in the word search grid below?

The challenge? The grid is randomly generated using a slightly modified frequency distribution of standard English language texts. That is, E happens about 12% of the time, Q right around 0.095% of the time, etc.

Congratulations to Earl Martin for being drawn at random from among the correct (or at least reasonably well-reasoned) answers submitted this week.

Depending upon the dictionary or word list used, your actual count of words may vary. From the word list I used, there were a total of 693 distinct words present in the word grid, broken out as follows:

1-letter 2 words
2-letters 82 words
3-letters 388 words
4-letters 191 words
5-letters 21 words
6-letters 5 words
7-letters 2 words
8-letters 1 word
9-letters 1 word

The words with 6 or more letters were: beetle, bennis, murder, reefed, tenter, cryogen, fortune, murderer, and cryogenic.

Thanks to everyone that submitted a response, and many thanks to the team at ThinkGeek for supplying our weekly prize!

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