Daily Deals 040916

Daily Deals: Cordless Electric Lawnmower, Cool LED Bike Lights, and The Thing’s Hands (Sort of)

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Daily Deals 040916

Save up to 61% today on a selection of Greenworks 80V cordless electric yard equipment, including their lawnmower, edger, blower, hedge trimmer, and more!

Want to feel like a superhero, and keep safe in the kitchen, or out running the BBQ this summer? Get these awesome-looking silicone cooking gloves that let you pick up stuff at 425 degrees without burning your hands. And a pair is just $10 today!

Nighttime bike safety is vital, but you can do it with a bit of style and whimsy as well. These LED lights that install on the rims of your bike wheels will make you super-visible and super-safe, plus you’ll be the coolest thing on the road. They’re on sale today for just $18/pair.


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