Review: Wordtoons Turn Words Into Cartoons

Invented by New Zealand cartoonist Wayne Logue, Wordtoons show kids how to turn a simple written word into a cartoon depicting that word. With the addition of just a few pencil lines,”dog” for instance, is transformed into a cartoon of a dog. Step by step instructions teach kids to turn words like robot, fruit, city, and lion into fun cartoons. In addition to the words, Logue includes lots of individual letters (though not the entire alphabet). Learn to turn ‘f’ into a flower or ‘m’ into monster.

Fun stuff, yes? But kids may even learn a thing or two with Wordtoons. One cardinal rule of success with Wordtoons? Neatness. Skip the rote handwriting practice and instead draw cartoons. Kids will love that. And no more mixing up ‘b’ and ‘d’ as they’re learning to write. Because ‘b’ is for bee and the cartoon just won’t work with a ‘d.’ Proper letter formation and letter recognition are important in crafting the cartoons.

The e-book is available for download at for $17.

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