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Last week’s puzzle, as previously posted:

As discussed in last summer’s GeekDad Puzzle of the Week – Meaning of Life Word Grid, MATH is indeed the true meaning of Life, the Universe, and Everything.

That is, if we translate its letters into their ordinal position within the alphabet (i.e., A=1, B=2, C=3, … Z=26), we get M=13 + A=1 + T=20 + H=8, and 13 + 1 + 20 + 8 = 42.

Another fun / useful / interesting number is 99: it is the atomic number of Einsteinium, the only number retired league-wide in the NHL (Gretzky), the number of 80’s LuftBalons, the sum of the cubes of three consecutive integers (23+33+43), and Barbara Feldon’s character in the original Get Smart TV series.


So, with 99 being so geeky a number, what words sum to 99 if we translate their letters to their positions within the alphabet?

Below is what looks like a standard word grid puzzle. Instead of simply listing the words, however, I have given a set of clues for each word, as well as its length in letters.

The kicker? Each word in the puzzle sums to 99!


Example: 7 letters, “Game of hammers and wickets” is CROQUET
C=3 + R=18 + O=15 + Q=17 +U=21 + E=5 + T=20 and 3+18+15+17+21+5+20=99!

5 Letters
Maple juice
6 Letters
Nike symbol
7 Letters
Jeopardy questions
Painful urination
Literally obtained by digging
Mel at Y2K
Bohr’s field
More fuzzy or soft
A rough sponge or brillo
Siriusly illuminated
A mullion supporting the tympanum
With great devotion
8 Letters
YouTube’s Orange
Hesperis matronalis
Shiny and brilliant
Dragon’s counterpart
Branch of mineralogy
In a deranged or crazy manner
hawaiian opah
!= or
Jumping to attack
Slang for $10 Bill USD
Disdain or contemping (gerund)
Peat moss
A low prime
Ravenwood’s mage
Maggot racing video game
Those with big boats
9 Letters
Benzenes and arenes
Evil fiendish shapechanger lupines
Yelling or roaring
Jamie, Tory, Grant, and Adam
SPARS AAD mastering
One who denies
Shot via needle
Club outsider
They have 4 feet, 3 toes, and 2 horns
Short fat-headed pin
Car manslaughter (use 2x)
10 Letters
To a tolerably worthy extent
Young people in China and India
Ford Prefect, for one
Extremely useful or indispensable
A rockfall or earthflow
Watkins Glen and Churchill Downs
Deployed lachrymator
Fickle or undependable
11 Letters
Daedalic Entertainment’s 2014 game
Hospital emitting patients
He wired your house
Water? You shall not pass…
Minor indescretions
ISBN 978-1422142691
12 Letters
Capable of being reunited
To dedicate once again
Alpha level in statistics
13 Letters
A hot body emitting light

Congratulations to Aaron Echols for correctly solving the puzzle! His entry, drawn at random from among the correct (or reasonably correct) submissions, just won him a $50 Gift Certificate from our friends at ThinkGeek!

The puzzle solution and set of “clues” are listed below.


Maple juice Syrup
Nike symbol Swoosh
Pixies Sylphs
Jeopardy questions Answers
Painful urination Dysuric
Literally obtained by digging Fossils
Include Involve
Mel at Y2K Patriot
Bohr’s field Physics
More fuzzy or soft Plusher
A rough sponge or brillo Scourer
Siriusly illuminated Starlit
A mullion supporting the tympanum Trumeau
With great devotion Zealous
YouTube’s Orange Annoying
Hesperis matronalis Damewort
Shiny and brilliant Dazzling
Dragon’s counterpart Dungeons
Branch of mineralogy Gemology
Sphingidae Hawkmoth
In a deranged or crazy manner Insanely
hawaiian opah Moonfish
!= or Nonequal
Jumping to attack Pouncing
Slang for $10 Bill USD Sawbucks
Disdain or contemping (gerund) Scorning
Peat moss Sphagnum
Fig-mulberry Sycamore
A low prime Thirteen
Ravenwood’s mage Unchosen
Maggot racing video game Wriggler
Those with big boats Yachters
Benzenes and arenes Aromatics
Evil fiendish shapechanger lupines Barghests
Yelling or roaring Bellowing
Jamie, Tory, Grant, and Adam Debunkers
SPARS AAD mastering Digitally
One who denies Gainsayer
Shot via needle Injection
Club outsider Nonmember
They have 4 feet, 3 toes, and 2 horns Rhinoceri
Short fat-headed pin Thumbtack
Car manslaughter (use 2x) Vehicular
Mott’s Applesauce
To a tolerably worthy extent Creditably
Young people in China and India Euthanasia
Ford Prefect, for one Hitchhiker
Extremely useful or indispensable Invaluable
A rockfall or earthflow Landslides
Watkins Glen and Churchill Downs Racetracks
Deployed lachrymator Teargassed
Clairvoyant Telepathic
Fickle or undependable Unreliable
Daedalic Entertainment’s 2014 game Blackguards
Hospital emitting patients Discharging
He wired your house Electrician
Water? You shall not pass… Impermeable
Minor indescretions Peccadillos
ISBN 978-1422142691 Sidetracked
Capable of being reunited Reconcilable
To dedicate once again Rededicating
Alpha level in statistics Significance
A hot body emitting light Incandescence

Thanks again to everyone that entered a submission. Happy puzzling!

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