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Comic Book Corner — January 8th, 2014–Batman, Star Wars, X-Files & Frankenstein

Corrina finds the special expanded edition of Detective Comics #27 far too cynical, Lisa Tate reviews the graphic novel I, Frankenstein in preparation for seeing the movie based on it, Kelly Knox reviews Dark Horse’s Star Wars #13, Sophie dives back into The X-Files, and Dakster reveals her New Year’s Resolution to read 365 comics in 365 days. Read More

GeekMom: Comic Book Corner — May 8th, 2013

Adventures of Superman #2 is one of those rare stories that just make you smile from start to finish. If you’ve been pining for the “good ol’ days” of Superman, or you’re just in the mood to read something with a happy ending, pick up the second issue for just 99 cents on Comixology.–
Read the full review as well as looks at Robyn Hood, a Kim Harrison graphic novel, and stories picked up at Free Comic Book Day! Read More