TMNT and the Dark Knight

Batman + TMNT = Awesome Ninja Action

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TMNT and the Dark Knight
Image courtesy of IDW Publishing

When I saw a press release hit my email about the Dark Knight and the pizza loving ninja dudes were doing a six-month crossover series, I did a double-take.

So far, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have crossed over with X-Files and Ghostbusters and both of those had their quirks. Of the two, Ghostbusters crossover was my favorite, if short-lived.

I have just as many questions as I have squeals of excitement for what’s to come between my favorite mutants and the Bat. TMNT is known not only for its kick butt action¬†but also for their one-liners. Batman is known for his serious tone and dark themes. Granted, the latest TMNT series is probably not that far off from Batman, but it’s still something I’d let my 9-year old son read. I can’t say that for the Dark Knight.

I have a few hopeful thoughts about what is to come.

Batman / TMNT Issue #1
Batman / TMNT Issue #1 Image courtesy of IDW Publishing

The return of Bruce Wayne – The cover art for issue #1 shows Bruce Wayne donning the cape and cowl again. Even though this won’t kick in until November, I can wait that long if it means seeing him suit up again.

Massive Ninja action – Batman is a trained ninja and samurai warrior. The Turtles are fully trained in the art of ninjitsu. I’m excited to see how their styles are the same in some areas and how they learn from each other in others.

Who will be the “top dog?” – In the Ghostbusters crossover, each Turtle latched on to a different Ghostbuster. Batman is a solo act, so it will be interesting to see how he handles the band of brothers and which one he will get along best with. My money is on Leo because he’s the leader, but Raph is a close second because of his rough around the edges attitude that Batman might radiate too.

So many villains and only six months to use them all. – There are so many villains for the writers to pick from for the Turtles to face off against. I’m hoping they don’t go with all mainstream characters and pull a few others that are not so well-known. My top picks at the moment are Riddler, Scarecrow, Firefly, Clock King, and Professor Pyg.

Who will show up from Batman’s world? – Of the allies I want to see drop-in on this mini-series, I’m really hoping for Red Hood because I think his attitude would match up with Raphael in a conflict causing way. Damien would be another good conflict character¬†because the Turtles might underestimate his abilities (and get the floor wiped with their shells in the process).

Wanted. Ally for Shredder. – I’m curious to see where Shredder will fit into all of this and who he will align himself with in Gotham. There’s and abundance of villains he could associate with. Will he lean more towards the meta-human types or the mobsters. If I had to put a name in the hat right now, it would be Lady Shiva. Her attitude and mastery of the martial arts would make her a good fit as an ally for Shredder.

I do have one request for the writers… please put a one-liner here and there.

You can even give them all to Mikey and Alfred.

I don’t care!

Just throw a few in there. Please.

This being DC and IDW’s second crossover of the year (Star Trek / Green Lantern is out now), I’m thinking a third crossover might be fun. Maybe The X-Files and Martian Manhunter (too obvious?) or a more comical hook up would be Jem and the Holograms and Wonder Woman. Just a thought.

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