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If the Wii U’s exclusive, ink-covered shooter Splatoon isn’t my 2015 game of the year… well, I’ll be surprised. Since its launch back in May, Nintendo has released a steady stream of new maps, weapons, events, and even a new game type (the “Tower Control” Ranked mode) at regular intervals to keep me and all the other squid-kids properly occupied. But next month’s update promises even more!

On August 5th, be prepared for two new Matchmaking modes, new weapon types, a level cap increase, and 40+ pieces of new equipable gear.

Squad Battle and Private Battle Matchmaking options will allow Ranked play with your actual friends (instead of random strangers) and private, customizable match types, respectively. Also included will be two new weapon types–bucket-like Sloshers that hurl ink long-range, and chargeable Splatling guns–and new clothes and accessories like leather jackets and sushi-chef costumes. Best of all, the new maximum player level will be raised from 20 to 50, and Ranked play will now include S and S+ grades (both higher than current top tier A+).

Nintendo has furthered promised additional Splatoon updates throughout the fall, including a Rainmaker Ranked Battle mode, more maps, and additional weapons. Until then, in the words of the famed Squid Sisters, stay fresh.

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