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Music is everywhere. No, really, just walk down a street and wait for cars with open windows to drive by if you don’t believe me. Taking that one step further, children’s music is everywhere. When I think “Tennessee,” I generally think of Ben Rudnick’s Live in Lexington CD, but he’s from Massachusetts. If you want to go native, you have Knoxville’s “Kidstuff” radio host Sean McCollough and his latest, Earworm.

Sean McCollough
Sean McCollough’s “Earworm.”

Now an actual earworm is a pretty disgusting thing, but in this context it’s a song that you just can’t get out of your head. Sean is joined by fellow music makers Molly Ledford (for the pleasing monument tune “Sunsphere”) and Billy Jonas (the little kids’ safety number, “Green Means Go”).

McCullough’s tunes hit the sweet spot for the very young, with plenty of repeating choruses and singalong verses. He’s got the confidence from seven years of hosting “Kidstuff” radio, a weekly recorded show of kids’ music with monthly live programming featuring guests.

Earworm gives Sean the opportunity to share his concepts, including a pair of goat songs, “Her Name Was Lady” and “Don’t Let ‘Em Get Your Goat.” He delivers a version of the “Kidstuff” theme song for non-listeners of the program and the sympathetic “Car Sick” for anyone who’s ever suffered from motion sickness on a family drive.

Sean’s music is decidedly off the cuff (perhaps those shirts got too close to the goats) and accessible for the little ones in your brood. How you feel about earworms in your home is entirely up to you, of course. Sean just wants to pass along some down home, easy listening folk music from East Tennessee.

EARWORM is available on May 11 from Sean McCollough’s websiteAmazonApple Music, and CDBABY.

Here is the video of Sean McCollough and friends performing “The Rattlin’ Bog”:

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