Review: What Makes Tuft & Needle’s Mint Different From Other Mattresses

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Confession: Somewhere along the line, I have become spoiled by the mattresses I have reviewed. Spending Passover at my parent’s house with their older, traditional spring mattresses was like returning to the dark ages. This was particularly due to the mattress I was testing at the time, the Mint, by Tuft & Needle.

Why Mint?

After seeing how easy it is to get false readings from in-bed sleep trackers, I just wanted a comfortable mattress. Something not too firm, not too soft. No settings to mess with, just make it, lie down, and sleep. I also wanted something where I would not have to fight for space with the dog. Thankfully, Tuft & Needle was gracious enough to send a King. They also included two King-size pillows, as part of their current promotion (a savings of $250).

I came home to this box and I squealed.

The Sweet Smell of Setup

Setting up the Mint was easy. As always, please remember that when a box says “team lift,” do not try to do it yourself. That way lies hernia surgery, kids. But once you have the Mint in your room, it’s easy to unbox, lay out, and cut away the plastic.

Look, a furniture burrito!

The Mint (and pillows) will slowly fill with air. I was immediately impressed with one thing – the smell. Past foam mattresses I’ve reviewed have had a chemical smell when filling. There was no such aroma with the Mint. It also filled very quickly.

Sleep Can Be Hard on a Body

We used the Mint on the floor for two days before getting two twin box springs and a cool frame on Facebook Marketplace (note: Tuft & Needle does indeed sell frames and at a very good price—we just wanted to get this specific look). I was immediately impressed with the level of give. The Mint was firm enough for me to lie on my back, but also had enough give to sleep comfortably on my side. I have a bad shoulder, and sometimes rolling on that side is enough to wake me up. Not in the Mint.

It was much more comfortable on the floor than you’d think.

My wife, on the other hand, has serious inflammation in her limbs and needs more give than I do. In the past, that’s been an issue with a couple of our test beds. Not with the Mint. If you have issues with your joints, you may seriously want to try the Mint.

No One Likes a Hot Mattress

One thing I was pleased with was the heat retention of the Mint, or rather lack thereof. In the past I’ve had to use a special cooling mattress pad due to how foam mattresses retain heat. Heck, I’ve had to do it with one mattress that had an over-$3,000 price tag. Sorry, but for that price, it had better not make me shvitz. The far more affordable Mint has no such issue. This is due to a higher than normal count of graphite in one of the foam layers.

Oh, that’s right. There’s more than one foam layer. There’s a 6″ base layer, a 2″ layer, and 3″ of “comfort” foam, which is where the graphite lives. That all gets covered in a polyester wrap with a nice texture.

It feels good on your skin, but still, use sheets.

I don’t know if it’s the foam layers, but another great feature of the Mint is the motion isolation. In other words, you don’t feel your partner if they’re getting in and out of bed, tossing and turning (and if they do, it won’t be because of the mattress). In our case, it means we weren’t woken up every time the dog got out of the bed.

About Those Pillows

Honestly, I thought the two free pillows were going to be forgettable.  HA HA I was wrong. I’ve gone from being someone who always uses two pillows to using just one – my Mint King pillow. For goodness sake, I even brought it with me to my folks’. Great neck support, but nice and soft. A delight.

And now my bed looks like a hotel bed.

Hard Numbers for a Soft Mattress

And now for the nitty gritty: how much does this bed actually cost?

Right now, every mattress, every size is $50 off and comes with free pillows. My King set is $1,095. If you want a twin, you’re only paying $545 (only one pillow included). I’d call these average prices for boxed beds except the free pillows tip that price to the below-average and give it a stronger value.

Tuft & Needle offers a free 100-day trial, free shipping (also on returns), and financing. The beds have a 10-year warranty as well.

Who Is(n’t) the Mint for?

I try to wrap my reviews up by asking “who is this for?” I’m going to change things up and instead ask who this isn’t for. If you want a bed with a gimmick, like adjustable positions, firmness, or sleep tracking, move along. If you like a super-firm or insanely soft bed, we get it and respect it, but you’re going to want to look elsewhere.

For everyone else? I do believe you’re going to find the Tuft & Needle Mint to be just right.

Note: T&N provided me with a free Mint King bed and two King pillows. Just call me Goldilocks.
Note 2: This article contains a UTM link.

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  1. Hi, It’s Mordechai’s wife, Mia. Yes, I do exist. For the record, as a person with Lupus, and a very picky bed person, I love the bed. 5 stars!
    As for his photo of our “made” bed, that’s all him, and I did not approve that photo, it would have actually looked like a hotel bed.

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