Heading for the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair – 2009

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Intel ISEF 2009Intel ISEF 2009

Intel ISEF 2009

Last year, our esteemed leader Ken Denmead, went to the International Science and Engineering Fair in Atlanta compliments of our good friends at Intel. This year it’s my turn. Mine! Mine! All mine! Sorry, but I do channel Daffy from time to time. They hate that at the bank.

Anyway, this year is it my distinct privilege to be flown to Reno, Nevada, for the 2009 International Science and Engineering Fair. There I hope to see all of the scientific and technological wonders that our future overlords – I mean – science students from around the world create. Off hand, going over the list of featured exhibits and other posts that they have on Twitter, I would say the three big exhibit themes are fuel, transportation, and Public Health (which is a big part of my day job, interestingly). So, if someone tells me not to get near the chimps because they are infected — I will listen. Also, I will be taking my new flip-cam (mine, mine, mine – thanks to Mrs. Geek) with me so that if they come up with five robots of different colors which merge into one big robot, you’ll see it.

Big thanks to Kara Gaffney (twitter/kgaffney), Kiesha Cochrane (twitter/kfcochrane) and the good folks at Intel for putting all this together for us.

Final Note: I have safely arrived. No gremlins on the wing. I will also be posting pictures on Twitpic and random thoughts on Twitter.

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