D&D Encounters, Coming to a Game Store Near You

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D&D publisher Wizards of the Coast has introduced a new game-playing program called D&D Encounters, located at neighborhood game stores.

Getting involved in D&D Encounters opens the door for players to mingle with other local gamers and participate in exclusive contests to earn prizes and swag to enhance their game store experience. It’s also a chance for players to experiment with a new character…or try DMing for the first time! With a full kit of materials provided, this is a great way to dive into being the Dungeon Master.

The first D&D Encounters mini-campaign takes place in the Forgotten Realms, with players exploring new areas of Undermountain, with their own characters, one they create at the store, or a pre-generated character provided with the kit.

With each successful battle, players will be rewarded with Renown Points redeemable for in-game rewards; as players progress through the campaign, they will earn Renown Points for completing encounters, finishing quests and engaging in other adventuring activities.

Signups begin February 8th with play kits arriving at games stores on March 10th. The first season of D&D Encounters, set in Forgotten Realms’ Undermountain superdungeon, runs March 17th through June 2nd.

To learn more visit dungeonsanddragons.com/dndencounters.

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