Thunderbirds Are Go… On Blu-ray

When it comes to classic television shows starring creepy marionette puppets, Shout! Factory is doing the lord’s work with The Gerry Anderson Collection. They took it upon themselves to release complete editions of all of Anderson’s shows, and this newest release of ‘Thunderbirds’ is more or less the conclusion of that glorious endeavor.

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Magic, Monsters and Predacons: A Halloween DVD Viewing Guide

Like any good nerd, what is a single night of revelry for regular folks — Halloween — is a month-long event for me. In addition to a slow roll-out of decorations and the laborious task of cobbling together the perfect costumes for me and my brood, the seasonal merrymaking also includes weekly viewing of especially spooky programming. Of course, now that my kids are old enough to want to participate I’ve had to dial back the gore.

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