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May The Verse Be With You — Shakespeare’s Star Wars Trilogy

For the last year-and-a-half, I’ve absolutely enjoyed reading Ian Doescher’s retelling of the original Star Wars Trilogy (Episodes IV, V, and VI). Doescher delivered these three stories in a most unique fashion, asking how William Shakespeare might have delivered the tales… and then doing just that. For anyone who has read one of The Bard’s many plays, you know what I’m talking about — iambic pentameter, choruses, and plenty of ‘Tis and Thous.

The first book, Verily, A New Hope, was followed by The Empire Striketh Back and The Jedi Doth Return closed out the trilogy that sung the praises of the adventures of Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia, The Emperor, and, ultimately, the redemption of Darth Vader. Honestly, what story could be more Shakespearean in nature?

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Danger Lab

Send Your Kids to the High-Voltage Danger Lab

I am a huge fan of books that manage to entertain kids and teach them at the same time. I’ve written a few myself (that I hope were inspirational to some budding engineers or programmers out there), so I know it can be difficult to wrap an engaging storyline around a set of science or math concepts and projects. I recently stumbled upon a new series from Quirk Books which starts with Nick and Tesla’s High-Voltage Danger Lab and introduces readers to a set of twins, Nick and Tesla, who are sent to stay with inventor Uncle Newt while their parents are away.

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100 Ghosts Cover

Two Fun Books From Quirk — 100 Ghosts and Substitute Creature

I’m a big fan of Quirk Books — they continue to put out fun books that live up to the publisher’s name. Point your browser over to and spend a few minutes looking over their library and I’ll bet dollars to donuts you’ll find at least one book that you’ll put on your Wish List. I highly recommend The Last Policeman and its sequel, and I recently enjoyed William Shakespeare’s Star Wars . I’ve got a couple of new Quirk books to share with you here — one is a new book in a great Middle Grade reader series and the other is fun little book that’s a bit hard to categorize.

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Geek Wisdom: It’s Not Yoda But…

Geekdom abounds. Blockbuster movies based on comic books, major television shows on almost every network with some basis in science or science fiction. It was only a matter of time before someone tried to define this thing we call “geek” and publish it for the masses. I was given an opportunity recently to get an […]

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