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Osmo ‘Monster’ Brings Drawings to Life

Osmo ‘Monster’ Brings Drawings to Life

Today, Osmo released its latest app, which brings drawings to life: ’Osmo Monster.’ Read More


Play iPad Games in Actual 3D With Mattel’s Apptivity Toys

If you’ve been playing apps on your iPad for a while and want a more tactile experience, Mattel’s Apptivity toys might be just what you’re looking for. Each Apptivity toy is a character from a game or franchise you already know, from Angry Birds and Cut the Rope to Monster High and Hot Wheels. You then download the Apptivity app for new game functionality. Read More

German Language Apps for Kids

Here’s what happened. I was ready to dive into German with my 11- and 13-year-old daughters, who are homeschooled — but I can’t find our Rosetta Stone CD. The first disk in the set, I mean. It’s floating around the house somewhere. The rest of the program is right there in its slipcase on the… Read More

App Review “Boy Loves Girl”

  Everyone longs to find their true love, and in this little app it’s your mission to help the boy get the girl. Game play is simple and straightforward with the boy running across the screen as he tries to capture his true love’s heart. But, just like in the real world, love is never that easy.… Read More

iPad App Review: Tangled: Storybook Deluxe

This new app brings the world of Disney’s Tangled to life on your iPad or iPhone. Full of images and sounds from the animated feature, it’s sure to entertain young children with the opportunity for creative play and with gameplay that increases in difficulty for older players. One section has memorable images from the movie broken up into puzzles that… Read More