Gamers Rejoice! There’s a Brand-New Ticket to Ride Map: Legendary Asia

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Ticket to Ride Legendary AsiaTicket to Ride Legendary Asia

Today Days of Wonder announced a new map for the digital version of Ticket to Ride — their first new digital map in about seven years. The Legendary Asia map takes you from Moscow to Mecca, Tbilisi to Taipei, and is available for the iPad app, on PC and Mac via Steam, or in the browser-based version at (It isn’t available for the pocket iPhone version at this time.)

The map was one of the grand prize winners of the Ticket to Ride Map Design Contest and was submitted by François Valentyne of Toronto. It was released as an expansion map for the physical game in December last year, but now fans of the digital version can get it as an in-app purchase. (No news yet on the India map by Ian Vincent from London, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s in development as well.)

Ticket to Ride Asia mapTicket to Ride Asia map

Legendary Asia introduces a few new features, like the Mountain Routes which cost you additional trains but give you bonus points for building. There are also two markers: the Mongolian Horse, which tracks number of turns (there’s a bonus for finishing a game in less than 24 turns) and the Blinking Cities, so you can work on building the largest connected network of cities for a 10-point Asian Explorer bonus. The Asian Explorer bonus was included in the physical game, but the Mongolian Horse appears to be new to the digital version.

Along with the new map, the iPad app gets a full retina display upgrade (watch for that file size) plus 45 new achievements, for all you achievement hounds. (15 are for the US-based map, and the others are for specific expansion maps.)

The Legendary Asia map is available for $3.99 as an in-game purchase.

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