Costume Crunch-Time

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GeekcakeGeekcakeWith 13 days to go until Halloween, it’s time to get serious. In my house, we’ve got three kids to get ready.

The 11-year-old wants to be a hippie. Costume is pretty much done. Little buddy (almost 2) is going to stay home with mama. A costume may or may not materialize. That leaves my 3-and-a-half-year-old daughter. FINALLY Dad gets to work on a cool, geeky costume! After watching a Dora episode featuring a robot, Rosie decided she wanted to be a robot for Halloween. Great! (Of course she keeps changing her mind and saying kitty, ghost, and other ideas. I told her, you have to choose one or Daddy won’t have time to make it! So we’re defaulting to robot.) Here is my plan:

Since it gets cold in Minnesota we’re going to go with gray sweat pants and hoodie underneath the main costume.

Feet: thrift store rain boots, spray-painted silver. Side advantage of being good for rain/snow.

Hands: gray gloves, also good for warmth.

Arms & Legs: mailing tube segments, spray-painted silver. Maybe stenciled industrial-esque patterns. Also maybe use Jolt caps as robotic decoration.

Head: hood pulled up, silver face paint. Some kind of additional decoration — maybe headband-mounted antenna?

Torso: cardboard panel, silver, more stenciling & Jolt caps. Also, battery powered Christmas lights? Not too many, maybe just 10-12 total on the costume.

Overall I’m aiming for comfort and ease of construction. Rosie won’t be going to a party or anything, she’s just hitting a couple of blocks in the neighborhood. Backup: Her grandparents bought her an elephant costume. Completely devoid of creativity, but if Dad’s ambitious project tanks, she’s still got something to wear.

Any thoughts on this project? What are you working on with your kids?

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